About Thu-Trang

With more than a decade of hands-on experience with skin concerns ranging from acne to aging and beyond, I know all too well that no two skin journeys are ever exactly alike. I also know that real change requires care beyond treatment room magic. 

As a longtime bespoke skin therapist and advisor, I can curate skin rituals for anyone with a face. Rituals go beyond routines. While routines have us fairly tuned out and doing things by rote, rituals call us to be fully present, to attend to what’s pressing in the moment.

So wherever you are in life, begin or continue your skin journey here. Topical tools for glowing skin success are sprinkled throughout these pages. Don’t hesitate to ask me a question if you get stuck.

For those of you with lots of questions or needing one-on-one help, I'm available for virtual consultations. $50 covers you for the year.

The ritual begins with you. Welcome.

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