Virtual Skin Consult $50 (30min)

Make progress toward your skincare goals in the comfort of your home with my guidance and your hands. Book a virtual consult with me to learn what may be causing your skin woes in the first place. I go over heath history, lifestyle habits, and current skincare routine to help make sense of it all. I will make any recommendations as needed based on your concerns and goals. No product purchase necessary.

In-Person Skin Consult $50 (30min)

This is how I kick off your skin journey with me as your partner. We will discuss your skin concerns and goals, health, lifestyle habits, and existing skincare routine. Then I will make my professional recommendations so you know which treatments to get and which products to switch to or to stop using. No product purchase necessary. If you book the Original Tea Facial™, consult is included at no extra charge.


Skin Treatments 

Professional in-office skin treatments are often where the magic starts. No two faces or skins are alike, so every visit is tailored to your skin type, its present needs and state of health or condition. In-office skin treatments are located in Orange, CA.

NOTE: This section is for informational purposes only. New clients must book a consultation (see above). Returning clients can book a facial or other skin treatment via text (714) 363-7869.

Returning clients who haven’t been in for a service in 12+ months must book a Consultation because skin changes and we're basically starting over.


The Original Tea Facial™ $195 with min. $30 skincare purchase -or- $225 without skincare purchase (80min)

My most popular service is getting a long overdue makeover and will truly be one of a kind with the strategic use of sparkling water and organic true teas as well as herbal teas in place of tap water. That's right, no tap water will be used on your skin!

It will also be more customizable than the previous Signature Facial without compromising on results or relaxation. Each and every visit will be tailored to your skin's immediate needs while keeping your skin goals in mind.

Steps may include but are not limited to: sparking water cleansing; tea cleansing; enzymatic exfoliation; chemical exfoliation; double exfoliation; facial + shoulder massage; extractions; mask with scalp gua sha treatment; LED therapy; microcurrent; dermaplaning; finishing products.

NEW CLIENTS: your first facial comes with the initial consultation at no extra charge however duration of service remains the same at 80min.


Le Petit Snatched $145 (40min) 

This massage-focused treatment is basically a facial workout. Both manual massage and gua sha techniques will be used to relax your facial muscles and train them to have more youthful contours aka look snatched! For all skin types except chronic, moderate or severe acne. Perfect for anyone who wants relaxation as well as results and is short on time.


Korean HOP+ Needle-Free Filler Facial $275 single treatment / $700 package of 3 treatments / $1000 package of 5 treatments 

Effortlessly tackle anti-aging with this sought-after Korean treatment featuring Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), an active that's used in injectable fillers, thread lift treatments and dissolvable sutures. It's a biostimulator that signals the skin to make new collagen. No downtime/sun avoidance required post procedure. A series of treatments every 7-10 days is highly recommended for maximum progress. Use HOP+ skincare at home to maintain results for up to 6 months after. Your skin will appear plump, firmer, smoother, brighter, more hydrated, and noticeably more youthful.


Microcurrent Treatment $100-$125 (duration varies)

Low level current effectively acts like electromagnetic waves to re-educate facial and neck muscles for optimal firming, toning and contouring. A therapeutic setting for acne skin promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces redness and inflammation.

LED Therapy $55 or $40 facial add-on (20min)

Holistic, noninvasive light therapy using red/blue LEDS to alleviate redness and inflammation, promote collagen synthesis and microcirculation, and reduce the incidence of breakouts.


Dermaplaning Treatment $95 or $75 facial add-on (duration varies)

A disposable single-use surgical steel blade is skilfully used to physically remove many layers of dead skin, pore-clogging buildup, and peach fuzz from your face. Enjoy the smoothest skin for weeks on end, white improving the absorption rate of your skincare products.


Chemical Peel (prices and duration vary)  

Professional exfoliation of upperlying dead skin cells damaged by sun and/or showing signs of aging such as lines/wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are addressed using different strength AHAs/BHA. Downtime includes no sun activities for 1-4 weeks depending on the peel.

20% Lactic Acid and/or 10% TCA Peel (1 week downtime)
Face $100 first layer (or $80 facial add-on) then $25 per additional layer
Back $150 first layer then $45 per additional layer
Décolleté $125 first layer then $35 per additional layer

20% Salicylic Acid Peel (1 week downtime)
Face $100 (or $80 facial add-on)
Back $195
Décolleté $150

GetGlowing Micro-Peel (2 weeks downtime)
$300 single treatment or $750 package of three treatments

Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peeling (4 weeks downtime)
$1200 for a total of four (3) appointments to take place within an 8-day period


Safely remove unwanted hair, leaving skin smooth and radiant. Not recommended for those who currently or regularly use Accutane or other acne meds, retinol, tanning beds, strong exfoliating acids, or benzoyl peroxide at home.

brows $30
brows straight tweeze $40
lip $10
lip straight tweeze $20
sideburns $22
chin $18
underarms $30
back $75